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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I am sorry to say that this page will no longer be updated. If you wish to read the Old Entries please feel free to do so. Thank you all for visiting!

Amberjoy. also known as Ambzy-bee, Amber & Ambzy. age is 21. born on Janusary 31st, 1983. sign is Aquarius. is way into video games, anime, manga/comic books, cartoons and music, especially video game soundtracks as well as rock and dance. loves collecting cute stuff and action figures.

i have a rainbow in my pocket XD

Subject Data
name: Amberjoy
title: the bumblebee princess
nicknames: Ambzy-bee, Ambzy, Amber
age: 21
DoB: 01-31-1983
bloodtype: A+
Zodiac: Aquarius
Flavored: honey
hair: black wif pink tips, past shoulder length
eyes: dark brown
skin: lite tan-ish
ht: short ^.^;;
wt: i'll just say i'm very small
Location: Troutdale, Oregon, USA
obsession: Link
fetish: bishounen

anime: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
manga: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
Sailor Soldier: Sailorsaturn
flavor: strawberry
candy: pink cotton candy
soda: vanilla Coke
movie: The Matrix
tv show: Late Night with Conan O'Brien
cartoon: Kirby Right Back At Ya!
bishounen: Link, Trunks, Android#17, Kurama, Dante
Pokemon: Dragonite, Pichu, Pikachu
Digimon: Gatomon
video game: Devil May Cry
Loves: Jojo
hates: my 'medical condition'
Likes: hugs
dislikes: 'Happy Time'

Online Data
e-mail: ambzy@taihenkawaii.com
website: eternal kawaiiness
AIM: kawaii kaosu
NeoPets: kawaii_chaos
Cartoon Orbit: Kitty X. Mitchelson288
eBay: kawaii_kaosu

Minty Julie
Suzy Q

it starts.. with #17!
chaos continues.. with Trunks!
Pretty Saturn
Pretty Hotaru. .
B.B. Hood!!
kawaii Cherry
'Till the End of Time
Faerie Sakura!
purple lady Jasmin


J-List = Ambzy-bee approved! XD

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